The Organs


Austin Organ Company

The Gallery Memorial Organ, situated in the gallery either side of the west window, is based on north German and Dutch styles of the 17th and 18th centuries. It is suitable for both solo work and accompanying, and its location provides an exciting tonal and spatial contrast to the Chancel Organ. The Gallery Memorial Organ was completed by the Austin Organ Company in 1975.

The Chancel Memorial Organ was installed by the Austin Organ Company in 1976, replacing an earlier instrument by Möller. The American-built Austin features four manuals, 68 ranks and more than 3000 pipes. Its tonal style is a mix of French Romantic and twentieth century Classical Revival. The console’s fourth manual controls the gallery organ, or any other manual coupled to it. The key action to both organs is electro-pneumatic, and the stop action is electric.